"As a new homeowner with a 20-year-old HVAC system that clearly needed to be replaced, Sean walked me through all options, systems, recommendations, pro/cons, and even financing options! He was accommodating and not pushy! They were on time & quick!"
    - Courtney Henson
    "Raul showed up on time, diagnosed my problem in minutes, had the necessary parts with him and the expertise to fix it in no time - gave me a couple of options and solved my problem for about 1/10 of what I thought it was going to cost! Very satisfied!"
    - Dave F.
    "I'm delighted with the great work, customer service, and reasonable cost."
    - Jim Giusti
    "The technician (Francisco) was on time and very kind and professional. I'd highly recommend them!"
    - Kevin Li
    "When my 1977 Rheem dinosaur enters the tar pit, I will be sure to call your guys for the installation!!! You're awesome, Mario!!"
    - Nene Gunson
    "I definitely recommend California Heating & Cooling if you're looking at a new HVAC system."
    - Billie
    "Fantastic service from scheduling to the actual service! Professional, neat, prompt, and knowledgeable! Highly recommend this company!"
    - Susi Leach
    "I am soo glad and grateful that I used California Heating & Cooling. Special shout out to Gladys who was very helpful on the phone prior to installation with answering my questions. Best HVAC company in California!!"
    - Rich Gardner
    "Fixed and repaired unit right away. Very professional. American Home Shield recommended them."
    - Marilyn Hollis
    "The repairman, Raul, just left, he was a real sweetheart and had us back in service in less than 5 minutes! Hooray! Thank you and on the Fourth of July too! He came out in under 2 hours!"
    - Darlene Tracy